On Being Intentional.

I am gladly surprised with the reception of the new blog: 489 views (minus my own 🙂 ) and five comments (only one from mom). I have thought that one of the things this blog will do is to show the preparation for the Sunday homily. Here you will be able to read where I am in that process. I usually get to read the readings for the first time the Sunday before. During the week I keep thinking about it. I will share the directions of my thoughts here. Sometimes, they will end up being part of the homily, other times the ideas may be totally dismissed. I am not sure if it will be helpful for those of you who will read the posts, but it will certainly be helpful to me–and I hope you comment so I know if I am hitting someplace or not. If you are a parishioner to Sacred Heart, it may help you to prepare for our own liturgies… So here it goes for this week: Sometimes a word pops up during the process of homily preparation. Sometimes the word is in the text of the Gospel, sometimes it is not. In reflecting about the meaning of Jesus’s baptism, the word that came to mind and has stayed is “intentional”. Jesus does not need a baptism of repentance, he was without sin, but he needs a point in his own history and development in which he realizes his mission and embraces it. From that point on, he is “intentional” about his vocation. So we too are invited to become more “intentional” about our vocation. What vocation? Way before we start speaking about our “faith” vocation and how intentional are we about it, we should start by reflecting how intentional we are about our many other vocations: because being a mother, a wife, a husband, a father, a grandparent is a vocation. Being a friend–Facebook allowing–is also a vocation. Many professions are a vocation…and being a member of a Faith community should also be a vocation. The reflection this Sunday may be about this: how intentional are we about our vocations? and then How intentional are we about our very important vocation in faith. Blog to you soon! 

6 thoughts on “On Being Intentional.

  1. Love the blog! Just found out it existed so I am catching up. Looking forward to keeping up with it! Also really love the challenge to be intentional.

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